Recommendation Letters

Writing recommendation letters is an exciting part of teaching and mentoring.  If you’d like me to write you a recommendation letter, please reach out to me as early as possible.  Please also respond to the following prompts at least two weeks before the letter is due:

  1. Provide a list of programs you’re applying to with deadlines.  If you’re applying to multiple programs, but there is one or two that you’re especially excited about, feel free to highlight them in your responses to these  and indicate why.
    1. If you’re applying to several programs (for instance, for graduate programs or REUs), please make a copy of this sheet which will organize deadlines and follow the instructions on it.
  2. Provide any transcripts, CVs, or personal statements that will be part of your application.
  3. A list of classes/projects you’ve taken with me, with dates and (if applicable) grades.
  4. Are there any anecdotes from our work that support your qualifications? E.g., where you stood out in a class or project.
  5. Are there specific activities or classes you’ve taken that have prepared you for your program?  What else especially qualifies you for the program?
  6. What excites you about the program you’re applying to?
  7. What are your long term goals and how will this program help?
  8. Is there anything specifically you’d like me to address in your letter?  Anything else that would be helpful for me to know?
  9. If I’ve had you in a college class, please provide explicit permission for me to share your academic information including grades with the program.

Finally, please send me regular reminders and check in on progress.  I will confirm submission of your letter, so reminders one week, three days, and one day before the letter is due are particularly appropriate.

Thanks to Michael Orrison and Dagan Karp for inspiring this page!