I am especially interested in outreach opportunities that make interesting, advanced mathematics more accessible to diverse groups of grade school students (who might reasonably think that a mathematician’s job is to solve problems in school textbooks).  Some of the organizations I’ve been involved with include:

  • The Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group (MGGG): MGGG is nonpartisan group of mathematicians focused on fighting gerrymandering with math.  I’ve joined them at workshops in Boston, North Carolina, and Wisconsin to help high-school and collegiate math educators incorporate voting, redistricting, and civil rights material into their classrooms.  I’ve led lectures and discussions on: Racial Gerrymandering and Statistics, Gerrymandering and Geometry, and Apportionment.
  • The Association for Women in Mathematics Essay Contest: The AWM runs a regular contest that encourages grade school and undergraduate students to interview female mathematicians.  I help judge the contest, getting to read many inspiring essays.
  • MoMath: MoMath is the national museum of mathematics.  I helped curate and wrote content for their inaugural history of mathematics exhibit.
  • The Canada/USA Mathcamp: in addition to teaching, I regularly serve on hiring and admissions committees.
  • The Journal of Emerging Investigators (JEI):  JEI is a journal that promotes and disseminates science research done my middle and high school students.  I referee many of their statistics articles.