News and Press

  • Cornell’s ORIE department wrote a short article summarizing a bit about my research, teaching, and affection for the Mean Girls Broadway Musical
  • A few of my students at Cornell worked on an extremely cool project with a local non-profit, writing a mini-textbook about math in the process
  • Cornell’s ORIE department played a pivotal role in helping Cornell reopen for in-person students during COVID. I played a (very) small role, but a bunch of my friends and students did some amazing things. Special shout to Anders Wikum, Jody Zhu, Henry Robbins, Trey Hensel, and Kyle Greenberg who all took or TA’d ENGRI 1101 with me at Cornell
  • Cornell Engineering wrote a student spotlight about my time at Cornell

Cameo and Videos

Cameo is a great (and fun and silly) tool. Here are some ways I’ve used it, and similar media: